FairDAPP – Infinity is a system designed to explore human behavior using infinite loops of token redistribution through open source smart contract codes and pre-defined rules. This system is for internal use only and all could be lost by sending anything to this contract address. All users are forbidden to interact with this contract if this contract is inconflict with user’s local regulations and laws.


Inspired by P3D, Fomo, Zethr, ETH.TOWN and all other clones, FairDAPP – Infinity is a system built to fix the inefficiencies, problems and unfairness of other DAPPs. The FairDAPP team is determined to build DAPPs with openness (all our DAPPs will be opensource), fairness (no/lesser premines) and smoother curves (no significant disadvantages to latecomers).

How it works:

The system runs in rounds and stages, each round is independent of any other rounds for the exception of jackpot sharing. Any purchases made in the current round will not carry over to the next round and similarly any previous round purchases will not be carried into current round.

Each round is made of many stages. The initial stage (stage one) starts with a predefined timer and ETH target, before the timer expires, if current stage ETH target is met, the system will automatically move onto the next stage with a higher ETH target. Eventually when the ETH target is so high that it could not be met, the game ends and moves onto the next round where everything starts again from stage one.


The system is built based on two very simple incentive structure. At the end of each stage, if the stage ETH target has been met, a large percentage of this ETH will be given out evenly in proportion to all previous stage participants, most of the remaining ETH will be put away into the jackpot. As the system progresses, jackpot grows and ETH target grows with the stage advancement, in the inevitable failure of achieving the ETH target, the last stage participants proportionally win the jackpot and their initial ETH input in the stage failed to reach the target.

Settings and limitations:

  • Stage duration: 24 hours
  • Stage one target: 10 ETH
  • Stage ETH target growth: previous stage + 10%
  • Dividend: 70%
  • Jackpot: 28%
  • Scientists (Dev): 2%
  • Jackpot paid to winning stage: 70%, 30% remaining goes to the next round
  • Referral Link: 10%, taken from dividend %
  • Anti-Whale: each player cannot send more than 5% of stage ETH target in the first 10 stages and no more than 50% in each stages after stage 10. They can however participate in many stages (5% in stage one, 5% in stage two etc). ETH over the limit will be refunded.
  • Anti-Spam: any amount below 0.0001 ETH sent to the contract will be considered as donation to the scientists.

System model using above parameter settings and assuming the round ends on stage 60:

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