Besure to read the rules in addition to the FAQs

Q1: Explain FairDapp-Infinity in a few sentences.
-Each round of the game works in stages, where each stage has a timer and an ETH target.
-If the ETH target is met before the timer runs out, the stage advances with a new ETH target and timer resets to 24 hours.
-If the ETH target is not met before the timer runs out (winning stage), the game ends and moves onto the next round where everything restarts.
-The player that participated in the winning stage share the jackpot proportionally to the the total amount of ETH put into this winning stage. eg. If the winning stage has a total of 100ETH put in and the only player put in 1 ETH, then the player will only win 1% of the jackpot.
-If the player participated in the stage where ETH target was met, then the player’s ETH would become a part of the dividend pool that can collect dividends from future stages where ETH targets are met.

In summary, if stage ETH target is met, the players for that stage becomes part of the dividend pool and if stage ETH target is not met, then the players for that stage shares the jackpot.

Q2: How many stages are there in a round?
Infinate. However, the exponential growth of ETH targets would prevent never ending scenarios.

Q3: Can ETH be made on this game?

Absolutely, you’ll probably have much better chance making ETH by playing this game than any other DAPPs out there. However, this is a very strategic game based on mentality of other players rather than a simple random number generator with probability.

Q: What strategies can be used to make ETH on this game?

In a simple few words, be the early stage players in the round or last stage players. However, early is always relative and unknown due to so many factors. Things you can do to improve your odds.
1. Get in early rounds. You’ll have a higher chance to getting into early rounds by using high gas when new round begins, sending in transactions near the end of a stage also gives you a high possibility of get into early rounds, this is however a double edged sword.
2. Snipe for jackpot. This strategy speaks for itself I hope.
3. Prolong the round by ruining the snipers. This strategy can be used by players that were more heavily invested in late stages and have not yet ROIed thorugh dividends.

Q4: Should a player go all in on one stage?

Probably not but players are free to do whatever they what, I can’t say no to a smart contract. You’ll have a much higher chance of profit by spreading out the buys over multiple stages and snipe the Jackpot. This is similar to trading, you should consider to hedge and average down.”

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